Polin Tour Guide – the Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Polin – the Museum of the History of Polish Jews

One of the most interesting museums in Warsaw, it is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. It may take a full day to see the entire exhibition. If you do not have much time, feel free to hire a guide who will show you the highlights of Polin in two hours!

Tours are led by Anna Kraus, a history graduate and a certified tour guide in Polin, who participated in the creation of the exhibit and knows every corner of the museum.


History of Polish Jews from the Middle Ages to the present day (up to 2 h) – 300 PLN

Learn the basics of the history and culture of Jews in Poland! See unique objects related to Jewish traditions and the most interesting artistic installations devoted to Jewish heritage! The visit includes the whole exhibition.

Jewish customs in pre-war Poland (up to 2 h) – 300 PLN

Discover Judaism, rituals associated with holidays, life cycles and the daily tasks of religious Jewish men and women! Learn more about Jewish languages, kosher food and methods of raising children! This tour does not include galleries 'Holocaust' and 'Postwar'. It is recommended for elementary school students and families with children.

History of Polish Jews in the Twentieth Century (up to 2 h) – 300 PLN

Learn more about Jewish life in multicultural pre-war Poland, understand how Jewish communities were damaged during the Holocaust and what problems the Jews faced in Communist Poland. The tour includes last three galleries of the museum. It is recommended for middle and high school students.